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Mrs. Debra Johnson

Head of School

Mrs. Debra Johnson joined STEAM Academy of Dayton in 2012 with over 30 years of experience as an educator and school leader. As principal, Mrs. Johnson is responsible for leading our school academically and culturally, including the professional development and progress of our staff. Prior to joining STEAM, Mrs. Johnson was the Principal at Mary Queen of Peace where she was instrumental in guiding the accreditation in her tenure. Mrs. Johnson holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Dayton as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Central State University.

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Staff Directory

  • Debra Johnson

    Head of School
  • Monique Satchell

    Marketing / Enrollment Food Authority
  • Sarah Darden

  • Paul Gales

  • Valerie Bostick

  • Paula Brown

  • Bobby Hagans

  • Lynn Chrostowoski

  • Shirley Ehlenbach

  • Dana Potts-Gales

  • Susan Bushey

  • Andre Clark

    Key Boarding
  • Teykneca Johnson

    Administrative Assistant
  • Ann Johnson

    Johnson , Ann Title I
  • Tamara Franklin

    Franklin, Tamara Engineering
  • Cheryl Cokley-Benn

  • Loretta White

  • Aujanae Wilkes

  • Terrence Pollard

  • Eunice Hayes

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten
  • Jamelle Cooper

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Judith Blackmon

    TeacherGrade 2nd
  • Starr Kronour

    TeacherGrade 3rd
  • Kimberlyn Fadare

    TeacherGrade 4th
  • Jose Jones

    TeacherGrade 5th
  • Calandra Collins

    Math TeacherGrade 6th
  • Alexandria Bartley

    ELA TeacherGrade 7th ELA
  • Sabyl Willis

    Social Studies Teacher
  • Judy Ross

    Art Teacher
  • Veronica Sample

    Music Teacher
  • Shirley Cummins

    PE Teacher